Martha Walker is uniquely skilled to help you and your company with learning, change & growth. Martha brings tools and experience and honed instincts. Most importantly, Martha can be your guide through the rough patches when it seems easier to just give it up. Martha is the definition of trusted adviser.
— Jeanette Shallop, Ph.D., Vistage Chair, Vistage International, Inc.
I have known Martha Walker and benefited from her executive coaching for several years. She is absolutely devoted to improving both the professional and personal lives of her clients. She has always provided keen business insight and guided me to make better decisions. Martha is a trusted business partner who has had a direct and profound impact on my success and the success of my company.
— Kevin C. Potter, Vice President, Shiel Sexton Company
I’ve engaged Martha for my own executive coaching as well as communication training for our staff. She has a truly remarkable ability to read and understand people; she combines this with business acumen and experience to provide clarity and wisdom. Much like going to a personal trainer at the gym, she will make you work hard – and you will become a better leader.
— Raman N. Ohri
Martha has an unique capability of getting business leaders to look themselves in the mirror and help them strive to not only be the best business leader they can be, but also the best person they can be. I have been lucky enough to experience this firsthand and have no doubt that I would be far behind where I am now if not for her leadership in my life. I would not think twice about joining another one of Martha’s groups if I lived close by.
— Nick McCord
Martha Walker is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to guide her clients to reach beyond their own perceived capabilities. She listens with a keen ear to the real issues, and challenges you to think differently, openly and with purpose. I was fortunate enough to work with Martha in a highly effective CEO group that she developed and as an individual client for one-to-one coaching sessions. Simply stated, she is one of the best in the business of mentoring, coaching and leading high level executives!
— Beth Slusher, CEO/President, Rivar’s, Inc.
From the moment you meet Martha, you will know she is on your side, heart and soul. She will bring all that she is (wise, authentic, skilled, down to earth, experienced) to help you achieve your goals. Get ready for a life changing experience.
— Windy Woodland, MS, LMCH, BCPC, Psychotherapist and teacher
I have worked with and observed Martha at work for many years. She brings the energy and commitment to get at the heart of issues and work them. She has the ability to ask the right questions in the moment to let the silence do the heavy lifting.
— Jeff Gilbert, CEO
Martha brought her unique brand of energy combined with informed, honest business sense to our coaching relationship. Her ability to identify and probe the blind spots we had developed over time was invaluable in helping us move the business to a new level of success. Her insights and understanding have been a winning combination for ISM.
— Joseph V. Wood, ISM Education Loans
Martha is a talented coach and has an uncanny ability to see things clearly, in spite of chaos. Her insights help others see things in a helpful new way and then do something about it. She will challenge you deeply – and you’ll be glad she did!
— Kris Taylor
Martha’s superb blend of intelligence, integrity, and business acumen make her a natural executive coach, but her fascination with the human condition place her in a peerless category. She always brings a fresh perspective to issues, and will challenge you to think beyond the norm to explore unique solutions to difficult problems. Time and again, I’ve found her counsel to be valuable, timely and on-target. She has earned (and continues to have) my greatest respect and trust, and I still seek her guidance on significant concerns.
— Jim Cota, Co-Founder and President, Rare Bird, Inc.
Martha served as my executive coach for two-and-a-half years. During that time, she sharpened my focus, refreshed my weary soul, exhorted me to play a bigger game, and shined a light on hidden places of self-sabotage. She is a relentless encourager. I left every coaching conversation knowing that she had full faith and confidence in me, and it rubbed off. Perhaps most importantly, she coached me from a perspective of my own values, not hers— that is a rare and extremely valuable gift in a coach, because her counsel and perspectives resonated deeply, every time.
— Chip Neidigh, Chief Catalyst, KAIROS